We are

transformationcreativityplayful attitudedisruptionimpactplay

We are

transformationcreativityplayful attitudedisruptionimpactplay

Marinva is a consulting company specialized in the use of play as a methodology for profound transformation. We help you create impactful, long lasting experiences.



Do you wish to transform your organization?

Let’s do it by playing together, because playing is…

  • Emotion, and without emotion there is no learning.
  • Presence, focus, effort and reflection.
  • Change, simulation, transformation, development.
  • Satisfaction, joy, pleasure, authenticity.
  • Collaboration, empathy, diversity, communication.
  • Strategy, decision making, analysis, growth.


Play can take multiple forms; that is one of its powers. This is why some of the most epic struggles our clients have challenged us with have materialized in (video)games, training programs, board games, events, conferences and consulting engagements, among others.

We have been imagining and developing projects for organizations of all shapes and sizes since 1995; from companies, to public institutions, educational centers, and NGOs. Thousands of hours playing with our clients have made us who we are today.

On the playing field

Fet a Mida Imma Marin

Board games arrive on television
Our Founder and President, Imma Marín, introduces the audience of the TV show “Fet a Mida” to a selection of board games from a diversity of themes, narratives, mechanics and playful modalities.


Discover Possible Mission
Train your team in soft skills while playing Possible Mission and embark on a captivating journey through the world of Project Management, Effective Communication and Agile methodologies Check it out here!

Libros Marinva

Our publications
Get to know the publications that we have recently launched. From a playful-pedagogical approach, our library is growing with different approaches for the transformation of different sectors. To see the full archive, click here.

El Poder del Juego

Let’s play!

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