From a ludic-pedagogical approach, our library grows with different approaches for the transformation of diverse sectors. Below we present the most recent publications.

gamificación imma marin esther hierro


The power of gamification in business management and connecting with customers

Empresa Activa, 2013

jugamos imma marin

Let’s play?

How playful learning can transform education

Paidós Educación, 2018

patios escolares

School playgrounds

Space for educational opportunities

Fundació Jaume Bofill, 2010

jugar imma marin


Growing up and learning by playing with the family

Paidós, 2023

metodologias ludicas laia arnau

Playful methodologies for the learning personalization

Graó, 2023

Gamification as a tool to build a healthy organization

Institute For Futures, 2023

Play Thinking to transform (us)

Marinva, 2020

Playful attitude in uncertain times

Kid’s Cluster, 2020

Why is play essential, now and always?

Marinva, 2021

Play and its incomparable educational value

Aprendemos Juntos, 2018